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Girl Insta-rupted

Oct 3, 2018

Girl Insta-rupted – Episode #2 Boujee Vibrators and High Priced Highs with Sam Grody and Syd Wilder

Today on the Podcast Syd sits down with one of her favorite humans - comedian Sam Grody and things get a little wild. (Sam is technically the first guest Syd interviewed back in June.) Sam is a bird mom, cat mom and seasoned comic whose been performing in rooms all across the southland for the past 5 years. She produces Laught-HER, which is a live female driven stand up comedy show. In this episode the two have candid, slightly intoxicated but highly entertaining conversation about their careers, creative process, bad dating stories, hobbies and their fun yet dysfunctional families.


  1. Paying your dues as a female comedian in a male dominated industry.
  2. Embarrassing dating stories and Syd’s colon hydro therapist Dr. Bo Wagner attending her stand up show.
  3. Sam getting paid for a stand up gig in Chicken and opening for Louis C. K.
  4. You have to be passionate about the stand up grind. Starting out as a comedian entails a lot of late nights with little or no pay.
  5. It’s important to have a side hustle to give you stability to pursue your dreams. When Sam’s not performing she sells trucks at her families Ford Dealership.
  6. The difficulties of balancing your personal life and performance life.
  7. How to deal with Hecklers.
  8. Syd and Sam address the gray line of sexual harassment in a comedic undertone.
  9. Investing in weed or vibrators.
  10. Sam’s ideas and creative process for her writing. Write freely and creatively, let ideas flow in and out.

The Takeaway:

Be passionate and deliberate with your goals and aspirations, but don’t take yourself to seriously. Also, alcohol changes the way you say L.

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