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Girl Insta-rupted

Dec 19, 2018


Deborah Kaplan joins Girl Insta-rupted today. Deborah is a writer and director whose known for her involvement in “Can’t Hardly Wait”, “Mary +Jane”, Liza On Demand and many other TV shows and Films. Syd has loved Deb’s work from a young age, so this interview is extra meaningful for her. The two discuss what its like being a women in Hollywood, how the me too movement is picking up steam, getting your art critiqued and navigating this new age of dating.


  1. Selling scripts in the 90’s.
  2. Internet opinions.
  3. Engaging people on social media.
  4. Guilt vs. Shame.
  5. The Me Too Movement is working.
  6. Critiques on your writing.
  7. Online dating.
  8. Raising kids around the entertainment industry.

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