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Girl Insta-rupted

Jan 9, 2019

Cam and KarenLee Poter of Sex Talk With My Mom join Syd on the podcast today. Sex Talk With My Mom is a podcast, YouTube and Instagram community hosted by a sexually liberated COUGAR mom and her funny son. You might think it’d be weird for a mom and son to talk about sex this openly, but they do it in a light hearted and fun filled way. In this episode Syd laughs with both of them as they share funny stories and talk about some sex/relationship Taboo’s without an once of awkwardness.


  1. Tequila makes panties drop
  2. Penis size
  3. Dating in LA
  4. Birthing a Podcast out of tragedy
  5. Fetishes
  6. UTI Infections
  7. Blowfish genitals
  8. Funny sex stories
  9. Monogamy
  10. Following new bitches on instagram

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