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Girl Insta-rupted

Feb 13, 2019

Today on the Girl Insta-rupted is Jessica Michelle Singleton. Jessica is an internationally touring comedian who as gained worldwide fans from performances in the U.S, Europe Africa and Asia. Her debut Comedy Album “Please. Don’t Leave. Me.” reached #1 on iTunes and was considered for the “Best Comedy Album” Grammy Award. Jessica has a unique style of comedy, which delivers vulnerable personal stories coupled with ideas from what some people refer to as hyperactive, weird and slightly deranged. This episode is all about sex and delivers some deep, real and raunchy stories from both of girls sexual escapades. They discuss masturbating, booty calls and sex preference’s, but most importantly they discuss how they’ve dealt with issues of abandonment and how they’ve overcome a lot of sh*t to get to where they are in their careers and lives.


  1. Silent 10 day meditation retreats
  2. Feminine energy vs. masculine energy
  3. Being the only one who can make YOU happy
  4. Sexual Appetites
  5. 2019 – The Year Of Me
  6. Life on the road as a female comic
  7. Booty Calls
  8. Giving up on love
  9. Sex positions and dirty talk
  10. Family abandonment
  11. Performing in your hometown

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