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Girl Insta-rupted

Feb 27, 2019

Stand up comedian Brian Monarch gets insta-rupted today. Brian is a Los Angeles native who grew up in the San Fernando Valley and has lived all over LA. He’s been performing stand up all of his adult life and recently got back from a tour where he opened up for Dane Cook. Currently, Brian hosts several comedy nights in LA at some of the cities most iconic venues. In this episode Brian and Syd get into the weeds about what it’s like pursuing a career in stand up your entire life, dating in LA, opening up for Dane Cook, taking photos with Louie CK and hosting comedy nights with some of the top comics in the game.


  1. Opening for Dane Cook
  2. First stand up set in 1998
  3. Creating SoCal Stand Up
  4. Fairytale endings
  5. DNA tests
  6. STD tests
  7. When I wipe there’s lipstick on the toilet paper
  8. One night stands not wanting to leave your house
  9. Great comics are bad actors
  10. Louie CK hates photos
  11. Joke writing

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