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Girl Insta-rupted

Mar 13, 2019

Nicky Whelan gets insta-rupted today. Nicky is an Australian actress with a plethora of TV and film credits. Most notably she’s been in Hall Pass, The Wedding Ringer, The League, Life in Pieces and House Of Lies. In this episode Nicky and Syd talk about Nicky’s journey from Australia to Hollywood, Los Angeles weirdo’s, dating, the love of being on set and working with talented people, traveling the world and much more.


  • Doing voice accents for roles
  • Being friends with Nick Cage
  • Getting a reoccurring role on a TV show
  • Traveling the world alone
  • Thirty transplants that move to LA
  • Meditation
  • Dating red flags and social media weirdos

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Nicky Whelan