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Girl Insta-rupted

Mar 18, 2019

Leah Lamarr gets Insta-rupted today. Leah is an actress, writer and stand up comedian currently living in Los Angeles CA. Leah has appeared in numerous TV shows and films including; Code Black, How To Get Away with Murder and Not Safe w/ Nikki Glasser. Leah currently has several projects going on including her web show “Watches of WeHo” and her podcast “Falling In Love with Leah Lamarr”. In this episode Leah and Syd get dark, get happy and have fun. They talk about their issues, their dating life, show business, creating original content and much more.


  • Parents finding sex toys
  • The path to med school
  • Podcast production
  • Trading money for the dream
  • The Lotus and The Lilly
  • Focusing on more than one aspect of show business
  • Disneyland disappointments
  • Botox and filler
  • Being hot and telling jokes

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Leah Lamarr