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Girl Insta-rupted

Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #27 – Uber Head and Mark Harari

Mar 20, 2019

Mark Harari gets Insta-rupted today. But first, Syd tells a couple personal stories about some recent dates she went on. Mark and Syd then dive into the interview. Mark Harari has been involved with athletics and fitness nearly all his life. He moved to LA in his early twenties to peruse acting. He had some success and landed a couple roles, but he realized his true passion was fitness. In 2007, Mark launched Pulse Fitness Studio in Sherman Oaks, CA. During its first year of business, Pulse was voted “Best Fitness Studio in LA”, by Fox LA. Since then the studio has only grown bigger and better. In this episode Mark Syd discuss how they met, Mark’s acting career, taking new opportunities as they come and what it’s like running your own business.


  • Moving to LA
  • Finding opportunities when you least suspect them
  • Dancing in commercials
  • Winning The Weakest Link TV Show
  • Syd’s holiday party
  • Being set up on a date
  • Paying your dues in show business
  • Talking props
  • Life as an entrepreneur

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