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Girl Insta-rupted

Apr 3, 2019

Jane Johnsen gets Insta-rupted today. Jane is a comedian whose currently working on her own Yoga/Comedy show. Originally from Chicago, Jane has always had a love for improv and sketch. She honed these skills at Second City in Chicago. Entertainment was always on the back of Jane’s mind, but she started her career in Advertising, where she was working long hours. After tons of stress, too much alcohol and prescription medication, Jane had a mental breakdown that landed her in therapy. Now sober, Jane is perusing her true calling; Comedy, Acting, Art and Entertainment.


  • Improv and Sketch at Second City in Chicago
  • Kill Tony Live Podcast
  • Journaling and Yoga
  • Embarrassing tweets
  • Partying too hard in college
  • Sobriety
  • Having a mental breakdown
  • Not judging past art

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Jane Johnsen