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Girl Insta-rupted

Oct 17, 2018

Girl Insta-rupted – Episode #4 “Gratitude and Orifices” with Camilla Cleese and Syd Wilder

Today on the podcast Syd has a heart to heart with one of her favorite comedians Camilla Cleese. Camilla is a comedian, writer and actress residing in Los Angeles. She began her career as a model in 2004 and she and Syd met doing stand up in 2012. Camilla is also the daughter of famous actor John Cleese. In this episode the girls talk about the entertainment business, sobriety, their friendship, Camilla’s difficulties of growing up as the daughter of a famous actor, being on tour with her Father, Camilla’s recent show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, partying their brains out as LA transplants, the misogyny and hazing in the comedy world, losing your parent, overcoming trauma and dating people who aren’t funny.


  1. Most first time comics fall in love with performing or realize they never want to get on stage again.
  2. The roller coast ride of having good and bad stand up sets.
  3. Camilla discusses how her abortion joke landed to a Christian audience.
  4. Getting into all the best parties as a young model in Los Angeles and the downward spiral you can fall into if you’re not careful.

The Takeaway:

This too shall pass. Whatever you’re going through, no matter how dark it gets it will get better if you believe in something. Usually yourself.

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