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Girl Insta-rupted

Jul 31, 2019

Jennifer Sterger gets insta-rupted today. Jenn is a model, a TV personality and former online columnist for Sports Illustrated. She’s worked as the Game Day Host for the NYC Jets and hosted several other shows including ABC’s “Race To March Madness”. Sterger has posed in Maxim and Playboy and was a spokesperson for Dr. Pepper and Sprint.

Jenn and Syd had been following each other on instagram for a couple years and met for the first time while recording this podcast. In today’s episode they discuss, show business, friendship manipulation, over coming negative press, stand up comedy, marriage, sports and sex.



  • The Brett Farve Debacle
  • “Me Too” Too Soon
  • Preconceived notions about good looking women working in sports
  • Encapsulating boob jobs
  • The horrors of Florida
  • Getting caught up in the comparison game
  • Being manipulated for career gain
  • Using stand up comedy as a form of therapy


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Jennifer Sterger