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Girl Insta-rupted

Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #47 – The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy Review

Aug 28, 2019

Syd is on the podcast solo today. Syd doesn’t like to talk about her dating life but she made an exception this week. She values the privacy of the people she goes out with but she had a really bad date and needed to fill you in. She then reviews a recent audiobook she listened to “The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy”. She gives the fans some of her takeaways from the book and gives advice on how to own your sexuality, have more fun in the bedroom, and how to not feel shame for your fantasies and fetishes. DISCLAIMER: just because Syd is comfortable talking about sex from her home doesn’t mean she wants to discuss it with strangers. It also doesn’t mean Syd wants to have sex with every one. You can be sexually adventurous and still be selective about who you want as a partner. Syd is still looking for Mr. Right for her and when she finds him she’ll keep that story to herself.



  • Being kinky is ok
  • Removing the shame around sex
  • The emotional journey of Ricky Bobby
  • Dating across town
  • Fantasy comes from inside you
  • Reminding yourself what feels good and being open to what feels good for you partner
  • Role play ideas
  • Using toys
  • Spicing things up in the bedroom to keep your sex life fun and interesting


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