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Girl Insta-rupted

Sep 11, 2019

Ben Gleib gets insta-rupted today.  Ben Gleib, is an American actor, comedian, satirist, and writer. Gleib has appeared in several TV shows on ABC and NBC, and is a regular guest on Pat Morrison’s radio show on KPCC; Southern California’s NPR affiliate. His comedy feature “Neurotic Gangster” is on Amazon Prime and his show “Idiotest” is on Netflix. But, perhaps his biggest accomplishment is his 2020 Presidential Run. In today’s episode Syd talks to Ben about why he decided to run for president, the policies he’s in interested in changing, and why the American people are ready for a non-career politician to win the White House.



  • Ben’s path to politics
  • Facial tumors
  • Getting the required signatures to join the televised debates
  • Bernie Sanders is a dick
  • Doing comedy shows while on the campaign trail
  • Meeting with Mental Health Professionals
  • Executive producing TV shows
  • Bens Telethon
  • Separating the comic from the politician
  • Scrubbing social media


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