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Girl Insta-rupted

Oct 24, 2018

Girl Insta-rupted – Episode #5 – Danielle Delaney Part 2

Syd has her first ever guest back on the podcast today, Dr. Danielle Delaney. Danielle is a Certified Crisis Interventionist, a Counselor, specializing in addiction and recovery after-care, a rape crisis counselor, spiritual counselor and a sober coach. In this episode the girls discuss a variety of topics including Narcissism, Self Image, Body Image, being disposable in LA and how to build a strong relationship with yourself and others.


  1. Narcissism is part of bigger personality disorders.
  2. Narcissistic defense – Flipping an argument back on somebody to make it about yourself.
  3. Instagram stories are peoples highlight reels, not real life.
  4. The Bible, a book written by men.
  5. Actresses and models are disposable in LA.
  6. Sibling relationships.
  7. Outward circumstances shouldn’t determine how you feel internally.
  8. Living on the surface.

The Takeaway:

Always wear a condom, be honest with all your relationships, seek counseling when needed and live on the inside. You get what you settle for.

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