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Girl Insta-rupted

Oct 23, 2019

Amanda Terry gets insta-rupted today. Finding her love for makeup at a young age, like every little girl, Mandi would do her Mom's hair and makeup. Around the age of thirteen, she took Drama class which opened up her eyes and imagination to special effects makeup. This is where she really started to see the other side and opportunities of the makeup industry. Her interest in makeup continued throughout her teenage years. It was not until her mid-twenties, that she started to research schools. After enrolling , she went  full force, did not look back and worked three jobs to pay her tuition! She is now a successful and experienced MUA/Hairstylist working for TV, Film, print, fashion shows, photo shoots, music videos and more. Mandi is also a Freelance Educator for Poise Makeup Professional. 


Mandi caters to agency models, athletes, musicians, established actors-- EX: Harrison Ford, Joanna Cassidy, Salma Hayek, Siedah Garrett, Michelle Willams, Eugeno Derbez, Bojesse Christopher , Guy Tang, Rae Sremmurd, DJ Mustard, Falling in Reverse, Haley Vasser, and the list goes on.... On the show today Amanda and Syd discuss what it’s like working on set, different make up looks, dating the wrong guys, hosting events, grieving loved ones and much more.



  • Epic LA
  • Going to school but learning everything on set
  • Losing a loved one
  • Processing grief
  • Why Amanda doesn't like micro blading
  • Being a makeup artist is like being a therapist
  • Doing your own make up
  • Putting on wigs
  • Choosing a make up brand that works for you


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