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Girl Insta-rupted

Nov 11, 2019

With Thanksgiving coming up, Syd and her Mom talk about how weird the holiday’s can be for some families. They reminisce about some of their thanksgiving experiences and how divorced parents rotate custody on holidays. Then they dive into a game of “Never Have I Ever” and Syd’s mom asks Syd sex questions, then Syd flips the script and asks her mom about School.



  • Syd’s sex experiences
  • Farting as a southerner
  • Wiping cum off your sisters chin
  • Syd’s mom as a goody goody
  • Dreaming about hooking up with your teacher
  • Smoking on campus
  • Almost failing Home Economics
  • Being homeschooled
  • Bullying
  • Syd’s experience in Montessori school



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