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Girl Insta-rupted

Nov 27, 2019

Jamie Stone gets insta-rupted today. Jamie is a beauty expert, a lifestyle blogger a digital marketing consultant and a celebrity ghostwriter. Her website/blog is a daily dose of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and pop culture. Jamie uses Honestly Jamie to test beauty products and decipher between which products really work and which ones are just marketing magic. She also has a podcast A Little Too Much with Jamie Stone. 

Jamie has partnered with more than 25 top brands such as LANCOME, L’Oreal Paris, COVERGIRL, Express, Degree Women, Equinox, Polo Ralph Lauren, Acura and others. She’s been featured in People, People StyleWatch,,,, and other prominent media outlets.

Today Syd and Jamie have some champagne and discuss drug addiction, coming from divorced parents, losing loved ones, dating actors, putting out content and much more.



  • Kayne at The Forum
  • Moving to LA from NYC
  • Jaime losing her sister to Opioids
  • Jaime’s fathers passing
  • Trying to date after tragedy
  • Being your own worst critic
  • Being in a relationship with an actor
  • Italian families and politics
  • The stigma of having divorced parents


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