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Girl Insta-rupted

Dec 18, 2019

Alexis Haines gets insta-rupted today. Alexis hosts the raw and personal “Recovering From Reality” Podcast. The show is inspired by her appearance on the Reality TV show “Pretty Wild” and takes the listener through her heroin addiction to sobriety, motherhood and wellness. She just released her new book “Recovering From Reality”, which takes a deep dive into her past and offers a fresh new look at her present.


Alexis got sober nine years ago and is now living proof that you can heal yourself. She’s a survivor of the entertainment industry, drug abuse, eating disorders, rape, physical violence, and childhood sexual trauma, Alexis created "Recovering from Reality" to get real about life’s challenges and empower others to see pain as a portal for growth. 


In today’s episode Alexis and Syd talk about mindfulness, what sex with your partner is like once you’ve had sexual abuse, being worthy, inspirational books and much more.




  • The pain of knowing those who abused you are still walking free
  • Living in a home where incest and rape was taking place as a child
  • You can overcome your trauma
  • Reading books to get inspired to heal yourself
  • Manifesting your life
  • The Calm App – The Benefits of meditation
  • Forgiving your parents
  • Being a drug addict and going to jail twice
  • Being inspired by Dr. Pat Allen


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