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Girl Insta-rupted

Jan 22, 2020

Lydia Dupra gets insta-rupted today. Lydia is a former adult entertainer, turned entrepreneur. She’s most known for her wild escapades as a high-class escort. Lydia once made 90k USD in one night! She has earned millions of dollars in her 8-year career in the industry. Now retired, Lydia has found her life’s purpose coaching women and teaching them how to have abundant careers. Through her journey working with Fortune 500 CEO’s, world leaders and celebrities she has learned a lot about success and acquiring wealth. Aside from her coaching business Lydia is the founder of the Heaux App and Heaux cosmetics. She’s also an accomplished author, having written 9 books.


In today’s episode Syd and Lydia talk about some of Lydia’s crazy life experiences, some misconceptions in the adult industry, what it’s like working with very wealthy men, getting sober and what it’s like starting a cosmetic company.



  • How ruthless the porn industry is
  • Being a suicide girl
  • Starting a cosmetic company
  • Releasing Copulins
  • Having an extremely rich sugar daddy
  • Getting sober
  • Working with nightmare clients
  • Getting The Heaux app approved in the Apple App Store
  • Making 90k in one night
  • Why Decriminalization of prostitution would be best
  • Why stripping is a waste of time



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