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Girl Insta-rupted

Nov 28, 2018

Syd insta-rupts Wrenn Woods on her stretcher today. (Side note: Wrenn was the first guest to be interviewed and filmed on Syd’s stretcher.) Wrenn is an actress and comedian from South Carolina who also happens to be a proud self-taught parallel parker. Wrenn has worked in numerous films, sketches and has performed stand up comedy all over Southern California. She’s also the host of her own podcast on Focus TV Network called “The Wrenn Woods Show.” In this episode the girls talk about the differences between growing up in the south vs living in southern California, LA friendships, Syd’s first impression of Wrenn, social pressures, veganism, the stand up comedy scene, healing from heartbreak, not settling for love again, how vibrators keep you from hooking up with the wrong person multiple times, the time it takes to get ready, the tests we put the guys we’re dating through, alpha males vs alpha females, perfectionism when producing content, what they both look for in a guy and how they should have a stand up tour called “looking for Daddies.”