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Girl Insta-rupted

Nov 28, 2018

Today Syd has an old friend on the podcast, Chris Franjola. Chris is a writer, comic and actor. He can currently be heard co-hosting Heather McDonalds podcast “Juicy Scoop.” Chris was also a writer on Chelsea Lately for 8 years and wrote over 1500 episodes. Chris has hosted the official Sons of Anarchy after show, “Anarchy Afterward,” too. He’s acted in dozens of shows and has performed stand up all around the country. In this episode Chris and Syd talk about what it’s like auditioning, touring, writing, Syd’s upcoming show in Philly, online trolls, awful cities to perform in and much more.


  1. Syd’s mom wants to date Chris.
  2. Character acting.
  3. Wanting to be famous without putting the work in.
  4. Instagram algorithms.
  5. The hustle of touring.
  6. Settling down and having a family as a comic.
  7. The worst comedy clubs in the country.
  8. Online trolls.

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