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Girl Insta-rupted

Feb 5, 2020

Jim Jefferies gets insta-rupted today. Jim is an Australian born stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer. He created and starred in “Legit” on FX and “The Jim Jefferies Show” on Comedy Central. He also tours the world selling out theatres and arenas doing stand-up comedy. 

Fun Fact: As a youth Jim studied Musical Theatre in Perth Australia before moving to London to pursue comedy. He’s a classically trained singer and has played the lead in several musicals, including Oklahoma.


In today’s episode Syd and Jim discuss growing up in Australia, moving to London to pursue comedy, making the shift from stand-up to television, overcoming depression, possibly being on the “autism spectrum” and much more.



  • Artwork with bad stories
  • Looking up to comedian Eddie Murphy, as a kid
  • How London crowds are the best for comedy
  • Being involved in musical theatre as a kid
  • Jefferies joke writing process, or lack there of
  • The challenge of creating and acting in TV
  • Being born on Valentines Day
  • The annoyance of writing and receiving cards for special occasions
  • How American’s love to “diagnose” and prescribe
  • Battling Depression
  • The shift into parenthood


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