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Girl Insta-rupted

Jul 24, 2019

Annabelle DeSisto gets insta-rupted today. Annabelle is host of the Adderall and Compliments podcasts, is a comedian and is an accomplished writer who used to write for Joan Rivers. Annabelle and Syd had a falling out, but in this episode they pick back up right where they left off; cracking jokes. In a fun turn of events, Annabelle’s dad sits down with the girls about half way through the show and gives some dating and marriage advice and breaks down why modern men are pussies and cheating is despicable.



  • Starting drinking and having sex late in life
  • Over Eaters Anonymous
  • Russian Women
  • Cat People vs. Dog People
  • Early onset anxiety and shame around sex
  • Loving someone and allowing them to be themselves
  • Meeting at a funeral
  • The difference between men of the older generation and millennial men


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Annabelle DeSisto