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Girl Insta-rupted

Oct 31, 2018

Girl Insta-rupted: Episode #6 – “Let The Fat Kids Sing” with Katja Glieson and Syd Wilder

On Today’s episode Syd sits down with the Australia Born singer and actress, Katja Glieson. Katja gained recognition for playing “Elsa” in the viral YouTube video “Princess Rap Battle” where she rapped with Snow White. Katja has written tons of original music and has performed cover songs that have collectively gained millions of hits on YouTube. She has also won several “Beat 100 Awards” including the #1 Charting Video & Gold Award for "Problem" Cover Video. Syd recorded this episode in May and Katja was technically Syd’s first in person interview. They get right into the dark side of Hollywood, growing up as fat kids, friendship break ups, social media influencers, the Hollywood hustle, dating in LA and so much more!


  • Katja just released a new single “The Ones Like Me”.
  • Katja moved from Australia to LA when she was 18.
  • The movie Greece was a huge inspiration for Katja wanting to sing and work in entertainment.
  • Katja struggled with weight issues as a kid. Singing helped her deal with being overweight.
  • Most of Katja’s songs are created from a place of deep emotional experiences.
  • To date the piece of work Katja is most proud of is her “Ride The Wave” music video.

Win and Loss For The Week:

The Win - The record label likes her new song.

The Loss - Losing Social Media Followers.


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